“ … And they were also distinguished for their zeal towards God, and also towards men; for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end.” - Alma 27:27

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hi Amazing Family!!!

Doubles Partner Elder Eyring Headed to Melbourne!
Man oh man, I miss you guys so much! Being here teaching everybody about families makes you love your own a whole lot more. You guys are awesome! :)

So this week was a billion times better than last week!!! Thank you so much for the packages and mail!!! 

The learning/teaching routine is that we sit in a classroom for 16 hours and study on our own with some dictionaries and books with gospel terms to learn the language. Three hours a day a teacher comes in and helps you if you have questions. Weird right? It's all up to you to work hard and memorize vocabulary and grammar. 

On Tuesday we got to hear from Elder Groberg (The Other Side of Heaven movie), and it was incredible. I sat on the second row behind his family, and I felt the Spirit the whole time. Some things that stuck out to me were to bear your testimony all of the time. Love the people all of the time because you never know how far your good influence will spread (just like Brother James). Seriously though, reach out to everyone and anyone and then some more!!!! The devotionals here are so amazing; everything is just better when you're a missionary because the Lord gives us a lil extra! :) 

I lost my companion last week to the fast track.
He's leaving to Singapore next week, and is all on his own companion wise. He'll be leaving with Elder R and a few others. He’s going be great, and I can't wait for him to let us know how it is!!!! I'm now in a trio with two other awesome missionaries so it's like a plus plus plus!! I love ‘em.

Wednesday, while playing soccer, I kicked the ball right at the corner of the goal and happened to hit one of my friends in the face. It broke his tooth and I felt super bad! He got it fixed though, whew :) We also had a Malaria appointment where the doctor sat us down and told us all about it. It scared me a little bit. We have to do a bunch of stuff and take pills with weird side effects everyday, but I know I'll be alright because I'm an experienced medicine taker (thank ibuprofen and sports for that)!

One of the highlights of the week was singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives http://youtu.be/uPkJaeRfIhk. It's now my favorite hymn. I can't get through it without crying!!! Singing is probably my new favorite way of bearing my testimony, and I just want all of you to try and sing extra loud on Sundays, alright?:)  

Trio Companionship
Thursday was fun because we got to clean toilets!!! Yep. That's right. During cleaning you get to go on your own, and it was nice to take my time and just ponder about some things. Who knew that cleaning would be a better part of the day? We finally had our first good lesson Thurdsay too! We taught the investigator how to pray and explained that God loves him. I understood quite a bit of his Chinese, and he understood us! We finished with our testimonies, and they were simple and strong. It was just awesome. Those are the moments that make you want to keep working harder and harder.

On Friday, we worked hard to prepare another lesson on baptism for him, only to find that our investigator has become our second teacher!!! So now both of our teachers will teach and be our investigators while we role play; it's good and bad. Hopefully, they'll better see what we have to work on. I also made about 100 flash cards


Elder Porter - Samara Russia Bound!
Saturday was the first day that I didn't run out of energy!! I think I'm finally adjusting. We sit down all day, but I normally am so tired by the time five o'clock rolls around. Saturday was different! I was happy and whistling and everything was grandiose :)  I finished Saturday by going to weigh myself. I gained seven pounds in one week. Someone in our District gained 11. Wowza. I've been jumping rope, pushups, situps, pullups every night, and lifting/running every single morning, but I guess that doesn't makeup for the full day of sitting and eating. I’m not worried though because I think I'll sweat it off the first day I get to Singapore haha!

Sunday was amazing!!!! Fast Sunday!!! WHOOOHOOO. I didn't even get hungry, and we all fasted for like 24 hours. We're all setup in different branches based on our languages for Sacrament meeting, so I had a chance to bear my testimony in Chinese. It was super duper scary, but I felt so good after!! I was on the pulpit looking out at everyone, and I just saw the power. We are doing a great work here. I didn’t understand everyone, but I understood the spirit. I hope the people of Singapore can feel the spirit, and not listen to the language as well!. 

So Many Mandarin-Speaking Friends!
We walked around the temple, and I said goodbye to Mckay [friend leaving for Thailand] before dinner too. I'm so proud of him, and I can't wait to be in that position in a couple months!!! We finished off last night by watching Joseph Smith. I've seen it before, but this was something completely new. I thought that I was doing a good job handling some of my trials (like Chinese or leaving my family), but after watching that, I realized that I have it so easy!! Joseph sacrificed absolutely everything. It was so humbling, and so motivating to watch. I challenge all of you to watch it again and say a prayer before to try and bring the Spirit. I

This week, try and read the scriptures with a purpose. Read with a question in mind, or do it for somebody else. It's amazing how much more you can learn when you do it that way. Also, read Alma 34:32. Repentance is not a bad thing! It's a good thing that's supposed to help us. Do it everyday, multiple times a day, and you'll be so much happier.

Elder Luker Thailand Bound! 
I love all of you so much!!!! And Dad, I wanna play football haha [Note, just for fun; missing this time of year.] It's hard not to get homesick sometimes, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be. One thing that stood out to me this week is just how lucky I am to have so many people praying for me and loving me. I am the luckiest. Zai jian!!!!

Thank you all!! I love you so much!! I literally have the best family in the world!!

Lastly, thanks for the Dear Elders, those make my day!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mandarin Elders & Friends Perkins and Humphries

Friend Elder Roundy - Headed to Singapore Next Week!
Elder Luker Teaching the Secrets of Clean Laundry!

Best Friend and Taiwan-Bound Elder Redding

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