“ … And they were also distinguished for their zeal towards God, and also towards men; for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end.” - Alma 27:27

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hi Family and Friends!

I can't believe another week has passed!! The truest saying has gotta be that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days! I realized that I need to buckle down with my language study, because in a few weeks, I won't be able to say sorry and use a couple english words or anything! This is a scary thought!

First of all, I am so grateful for all of you. It was so cool to get the "Mighty Six" letter this week and hear how some of my friends are doing. The Dear Elders, emails, letters, and packages help so much, and I really appreciate all of the prayers. When all of you share cool stories or your testimony with me, it helps strengthen mine. Thank you all so much!!!!!

A few notes ...
So last Monday was awesome, but also kind of sad because it was Labor Day. Labor Day = no temple. Monday night was really cool because we got to skype a lady in Taiwan and teach her a lesson. It was sooooo hard to understand her, and I'm pretty sure she couldn't understand us half of the time too. Even though the lesson didn't go well, I learned a lot about what I need to work on as far as language and lessons go. It was an awesome learning experience. It was also weird because it seems as if everyone had left the MTC. A bunch of my friends have gone by now, so working out was a little lonely Monday afternoon haha. 

Some bad news is that Taiwan has changed their visa application process, and Elder Redding and a bunch of people in my zone will probably get reassigned. The people who came in on July 9th are staying here until Sep 16. I feel bad that they've had to go through this time of unsurety! I know the Lord is taking care of all of us though, and that serving in the states for a little bit will be a huge blessing!

Off to Melbourne!
Tuesday was wonderful as well!! Basically every single day is wonderful...the MTC truly is my favorite place. I could live here forever if I could be with my family too! Tuesday afternoon one of my new teachers helped me a bunch with the tones and pronunciation. The teachers are starting to speak faster to prepare us for the field, and it has gotten a lot harder to understand all of them. I have sooo much work to do!!!! I'm grateful for their patience and kindness. The teachers here are so loving and helpful...I'd say it's my dream job to work here after the mission! 

At the devotional, the thought hit me that I should fear no man. The Lord has been preparing the people of Singapore for a long time, and I don't need to be afraid of anyone. The Lord has given me so, so, so much, and this mission is a wonderful opportunity to share what I have with others. I am so grateful for the peace the scriptures and prayer has brought me. Isn't it amazing that our Heavenly Father asks us to speak to him? Every time I consider this I immediately feel so humbled. I know that I already chose to come to this Earth because I love God, and I also know that I chose to come on a mission because I love Him and want to serve Him. 

From Sister Lloyd in Oz
Wednesday afternoon, we had another new teacher come teach us for the first time. She is from France, and she has the most incredible testimony. She shared a few stories with us, and really helped me relax and forget some of my worries. She reminded me so much of my sister Ali, and I can only hope to be like both of them someday. I realized that the best teachers might know the answers, but they don't always give the answers. I need to remember to let my investigators discover the gospel for themselves and learn how to receive personal revelation. I also realized that it's not about sharing a bunch of information, it's about helping someone feel something. The feeling is the thing that will help them have faith and desire. I know my Chinese isn't going to help anyone, so this was an awesome thing for me to realize! We finished the day by welcoming a new district in our zone, and it was awesome to see Katie Kitchen here!!

Thursday was awesome, I was able to read through 3 Nephi during personal study. I found a million amazing scriptures, but one of my favorites was 3 Nephi 12:14-16. I know that we are a light and that so many people are watching us. I need to always to my best to be an example of Christ because I never know who or what will be impacted at anytime throughout the day. I also read in chapter 13:33-34 that if I focus on the Lord, I don't need to worry about tomorrow. I am a bad worrier, so this promise helped me feel comfort and peace. I am going to do my best to try and focus on the present and on the work of the Lord.

So Long Elder Porter!
Friday was yet again a great day!! First of all, I am so grateful for the scriptures. Please read a little bit each day, and say a prayer after you finish. I know the Lord has blessed me so much, and He will bless you too. We can learn so much from each and every single verse. On Friday, I realized the frustration of wanting to make someone do something because you know it will help them, but you can't...We have been teaching an investigator who won't follow up on commitments...it is so frustrating! I know that the Lord has given me these opportunites to learn patience and discover new ways to help invite people to come unto Christ. I am so excited to teach the people of Singapore and help them know the happiness that I have felt and seen when poeple to follow the Lord and keep the commandments.

Saturday was an awesome turning point for me! We planned the week out in the morning, and I realized that I need much more specific goals. I know that the goals will help motivate me and help me be accountable for my studies. I don't want to waste any time here, and I'm excited to learn a lot this coming week. During companionship inventory, I realized how lucky I was to have awesome companions. I am so grateful that the Lord was blessed me with people that will always be my friend and want to help me! I love being a missionary!

Our Pet Snail Now in Singapore
Sunday was one of the best days yet! I was released as District Leader in the morning, and was able to talk with the branch president after in an interview. He is an awesome man, and helped me realize some things and consider how I could improve. We were able to share our testimonies with each other, and I felt the Spirit so strongly. I want you all to know that I know Heavenly Father loves each one of us. I also know that the love He has for us is so much more than we realize. It allows us to change and become better than we ever thought possible. I have only been serving seven weeks, but I already feel as if my life has been changed immensely. I am so grateful for callings...while being district leader, I realized I need to be more observant and aware of the needs of others. I just want to help everyone-missionaries, members, nonmembers...and the only way to do it is by listening and observing. I know that even more important than inviting is to be inviting. I need to be kind so that others can see the light of Christ in me and trust me. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission!! IT's AmAZING!!

My Rock - Elder Redding
I am just so humbled that I get the privilege to be a representative of the Lord. I know He loves each one of us and wants to bless us. I know that He gives us commandments to help us grow and become more happy and free than we could've ever realized on our own. I love of all you and hope you know that you make a difference! Thank you for the love and support!!

Love, Elder Lloyd

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