“ … And they were also distinguished for their zeal towards God, and also towards men; for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end.” - Alma 27:27

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


First off, I just want to say that I am so grateful to have a living prophet who can lead and guide us in these latter days. We have so many people, tools, and resources that can help us hold to the iron rod if we are simply willing to listen with open hearts and the Spirit. 

It really hit me this week how simple the gospel is. We are given all of these things to bring us happiness in this life and the world to come. It is so hard to explain to our investigators how commandments, reading, and praying can change their lives for the better, but I know that it has changed mine, and I try to share my smile and testimony every single lesson/contact. 

I've never been so stressed and busy in my life, but right now I also feel the happiest because I'm making time to develop my relationship with my Savior and Heavenly Father. This week, please try and pray and read every single night with your families. They talked about the role of families and parents a lot this past conference, and I am so grateful for my parents efforts and success in teaching me the gospel. I know that doing simple things will bring families closer and make our homes a peaceful place.Read and pray as a family this week, everyone!

So this week was very busy because we traveled to KK (kota kinabalu) for zone meeting and new missionary training.I had the chance to learn from President and Sister Mains on Wednesday, and then we had Zone Meeting on Thursday. 

New Missionary Training was amazing! President and Sister Mains are some of the happiest, most spiritual people I've ever met. Simply spending time with them and being around them uplifts my spirits and helps strengthen my testimony-I hope to have that effect on others soon!! We went over many, many things, but I'd like to share a few that really helped me.

The first thing is that we need to embrace change. I have always been someone who dislikes change and has a routine for every single little thing...life is about change!! Change is not bad, and it's how we learn and experience new things. We do not know what little changes will occur each day in our lives, but if we can anticipate them and prepare, we will be strengthened instead of shocked. 

In 3 Nephi 4:16-18, it talkes about how the Nephites were completely surrounded by their enemies...the Lamanites had even won a few battles and seemed to be gaining ground. I know that if we bear our afflictions with patience and have faith in the Lord, he will be able to deliver us with no regards as to what situation/state we are currently in. The key is to prepare by living the gospel and learning how the Lord strengthens us in order to find how we can gain the advantage over Satan. 

There is a reason church, prayer, and reading is CPR in the mission field! We need these things if we want to survive! These things are crucial and required for us to gain the Spirit and receive exaltation. I love you guys so much! Please focus on the small things the Lord asks us to do, and He will bless you!

A miracle this week was that we received a flash drive with General Conference!!! We met at the church and had malay, chinese, and english versions. So Saturday morning, after calling the whole branch and all of our investigators, we were the only ones there to watch. I was a little disappointed, but on the plus side, we were able to use the air conditioned room and watch it in English! Saturday afternoon and the Priesthood Session were the same story, nobody came. President Uchtdorf's talk about not comparing ourselves to others and focusing on our own weaknesses before we critique others really applied to me. I was so focused on who wasn't receiving the blessings of conference that I forgot about focusing and learning for myself. We all have so much to improve on....we need to see ourselves more clearly before we are able to truly help others. 

There were so many talks that I loved and truths that I learned, but one of my very favorites was Elder Bednar's Sunday afternoon. "Devoted disciples will ALWAYS be missionaries." This week, focus on the things that you have the weakest testimony about and look to share them with others. I know that as you share you will be able to strengthen your own testimony and ponder how even the seemingly "weaker" points have played a major role in your conversion. 

I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all of the love, support, and prayers. I wouldn't be here without your examples and friendship. This week, I felt the love of my Savior for me more than I ever have before. I am so grateful for the family unit on Earth. I love my family so much, and I want my parents to know that I'm so grateful for all that they've done for me. I hope I can raise a family in the gospel someday, just as my parents have done for me.

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