“ … And they were also distinguished for their zeal towards God, and also towards men; for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end.” - Alma 27:27

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This has been such a crazy week, I don't even know where to start!!! I just want to start off and tell everyone to say a prayer and thank Heavenly Father for allowing us to live in the U.S. I love it here in Malaysia, but some things that I've taken for granted back home don't even exist here (like toilet paper)!  It is crazy how some parts of the world are just so different! I am so grateful for my family, for my companion, and for this opportunity to serve God's children. I want to help others so badly, and I am so excited I'm finally here!

So last Monday, we left the MTC around five, went to the airport, called home, and boarded a plane to San Fran. We then waited about an hour and boarded another plane to Hong Kong....It was a loooooong flight and a long night, but it was also really awesome. On Singapore Airlines I was able to have three awesome meals, all the snacks I wanted, and nobody was in the seat next to me, so I got extra room. This was definitely a tender mercy

When we got to Singapore, I was so amazed at all of the smog/fog. Even when it's sunny it's still cloudy! It is also unbelievable hot!!! SOOO HOOOTTT!!! haha it is literally as hot as a sauna...if I'm outside for thirty seconds I'm drenched. So in Singapore we were picked up by the mission president and his wife, and then we rode the MRT (subway) back to the mission home. While on the MRT I spoke with two very, very kind people. One of them accepted a Book of Mormon! It was an awesome experience for my first day (I also was speaking English haha!)

The next morning I was assigned to T!!!! It is the farthest place from the mission home in our whole mission. Man oh man, it's a complete jungle! So when I learned where I was going, I was also told I had a plane to catch that was leaving in forty five minutes, so I immediately left and missed some training and didn't get to say goodbye to anybody. It was a rush!!!! 

My companion was there with two other Malay speaking missionaries to pick me up. My companion and I are the only Chinese speakers in the whole area!!! It's crazy! We went back to our apartment, unpacked a little bit, and then grabbed some dinner from a cart on the street. It was a little sketchy, but I've already learned to eat whatever you can get here, otherwise you go hungry! My first meal was rice, chicken (99% bones that you can't eat) and some Milo

Friday was my first real day in the mission field. I woke up, tried to exercise a little bit in our tiny apartment, and then had some breakfast...some fake milk and oatmeal.  We planned all morning/studied, and then we spent a few hours going to buy my first bike....it was crazy! Downtown here is just a ghetto. Thousands of shops in little storage unit type things, and there are no street signs anywhere. You just have to know where you are based on landmarks. It took us two hours to find a couple bike shops and then we were able to barter a little in Chinese. Bikes are one thing that are super expensive here, but I was able to get a relatively good deal, so that made me happy. 

That night we visited a member's house, and he cooked us dinner...fish balls and this rice stuff. My favorite haha. The people here are sooooo nice. Unfortunately, everyone speaks Malay, and even the ones that do speak Chinese don't speak the Chinese I learned...but it's awesome to be walking around and have people shout out "Hallo!!" and say hi to you. It's awesome! 

Saturday was even better than Friday!! We woke up, studied, exercised, and then went out to lunch to ... McDonalds!!!! It was like heaven!!!! The sad part is that McDonald's is probably the healthiest thing I've eaten here so far...I've already lost seven pounds! The food here is just something else haha...lots of rice and noodles and hardly anything else. After McDonald's we rode our bikes over to another member's house. She's an older lady that just barely got baptized, but now doesn't want to come to church. We've got a lot of work to do to try and change that! I'm so excited!! 

After visited another man's house. He's an older man who loves massage techniques and dogs...he has like ten! As soon as I walked in he started massaging me and doing all of these pressure point things that hurt haha...he was very nice though!

We went to the only mall in and visited a man who owns a tiny little shop. He was so happy and so nice. Most people work all day, so you just have to talk with them while they're working...they don't even take breaks for food or anything. We did a little bit of shopping and then visited another person's house to finish off the night. He fed us dinner, and it was rice, curry, and chicken....with NO BONES!!!!!! I started singing and whistling immediately haha. It was soooo goood! 

Sunday was incredible! The church here is located 100 feet from the "beach" (the water and sand is filled with trash and oil), and it's in a tiny two story house that has been dedicated as a church. The branch has about 40 members, but only 20 were there. There's only one meeting, and it's all in Malay! I didn't understand very much, but I definitely felt the Spirit. I was able to bear my testimony, but I don't think anybody understood Chinese besides the President, so it was a little frustrating. During priesthood, one of the malay elders translated for me and we talked about temples. It was so cool to ponder some of the questions they were asking..."Is it smart to sell all that you have to go to the temple?" we discussed this a lot because this a question all of the poeple here are faced with...it was so cool to hear their differring opinions. The people here have so much faith, and they are so kind!! Aftere church we had a potluck, and I was able to have some rice, noodles, and squid! I never thought this would happen, but I love squid ...there are no bones inside! Ooorah! 

My first few days here have been incredible, but also very humbling. It is tough to learn Chinese when nobody here really speaks it! It looks like I'll have to start trying to pick up on Malay. The city of T is so beautiful...it is green everywhere, and the people are so kind. 

I know that the Lord has called me to this section of the vineyard and has prepared this area for the gospel. I love you guys!! Thank you for the prayers and love!

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