“ … And they were also distinguished for their zeal towards God, and also towards men; for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end.” - Alma 27:27

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Good Morning!!!! I love you all so, so, so much. I can't believe another transfer has gone by. Elder J and I are sitting and waiting for the news right now, but I have a good feeling that we're both staying here!!! Hopefully there won't be any changes this time. I feel like we're really getting into a good groove and finally figuring out how to teach well together. I am so grateful for the companion part of the mission experience. I have made so many good friends with people that I would have never really been close to before the mission. I know that Heavenly Father has given us each other to give support and to share our feelings with. What a wonderful life!

This last week was amazing --  since it was the last week before transfers, Elder J and I worked harder than ever. By the time Saturday came around, we still hadn't found any new investigators, and all of our big weekend appointments were cancelling on us. We tried calling through a few people, and miraculously, a 15 year old girl picked up and was ready to meet with us for lunch at noon. We hustled over but were sad to find that the place was waayyyyy too loud to teach, and she was with a bunch of friends. We talked for a few minutes about who we were with her friends, but it didn't seem to be going anywhere. All of a sudden, they all stood up because their ride was there to go home, but the girl who had called us decided to stay and listen to what we had to say. 

We were there with a member, and somehow the conversation effortlessly went back to church and how this gospel can help you. Since we didn't have much time, we only talked about what we do at church and why it's important, but it seemed to assuage all of her concerns and speak directly to her needs. She shared with us some problems with her family and how she has really desired to find a church that will give her support and peace. She promised to come!!! The real miracle was that a member was able to find her house and pick her up yesterday and bring her. I am so grateful for the amazing branch here and for the Lord's hand in the work. So many things lined up perfectly for this girl to be able to come to church.

Yesterday, while teaching gospel principles class, we talked about how the Plan of Salvation makes it possible to have eternal families. One of the recent converts has a son who is 21 and decided to stop believing in God. She shared with us her concerns and I was able to comfort her and share with her that Heavenly Father is still there for both of them -- her and her son. I know that life sometimes throws us huge curveballs, and we often feel responsible for things that we really don't have control over. 

I loved Brent Nielsen's talk from conference about his sister that was like the prodigal son. Sometimes we just need to continue doing the right things in patience that everything will work out BECAUSE we're doing the right things. We need to continue trying, but don't get discouraged if things don't turn out the way you want the first time. We can do it!!! Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us, and he certainly isn't going to simply miss a moment or two because he's distracted with something else.

While contacting this week, we came across someone who says what most people believe here (all religions are right and that as long as we do good we'll be okay), but instead of closing the door on us, he continued to listen to what we had to say. I kind of got nervous because I never know exactly how to respond to this question, but I was prompted to talk about the Creation. 

I realized while speaking to him just how special we truly are to Heavenly Father. He went through so much work to create us and to create this plan, world, and continue to watch over us. His whole work and glory is for us to become like Him. If He did all this, don't you think he would give us specific directions as well? He wouldn't create so much and then leave us with thousands of different beliefs and contradicting doctrines to try and just wish ourselves back to Him. I know that he has created a specific plan and church for us because He loves us. One day, this gospel will be proclaimed to every single person on the Earth because it is the only true gospel on the Earth and in Heaven. It is through this plan that we can have peace and come closer to Heavenly Father. 

I'm so grateful for the privilege I have to serve a mission and to labor with the Lord. I know that He lives, I know that this is true, and I know this is why we're on this Earth. Thank you for all of the prayers and support!!! I love you all!!!

Love, Elder Lloyd

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